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Question What games are you looking forward to?

Last year was a great year for games, in spite of some shenanigans, so it seems a pertinent time to ask...what games are you looking forward to? What games on the horizon interest you the most, or perhaps show the most promise in your eyes?

There are several games on my radar at the moment, some with barely any details other than a trailer, others with a bit more substance or taking a prominent place due to the past reputation of their developers.

Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red

A game that was teased so long ago, was in the news after data theft, and recently had a rather simplistic tweet, is currently at the top of my list. I think that tweet probably has significance, and I am now expecting further details, perhaps even a trailer or hopefully a showing of gameplay at this year's E3 (or perhaps another game show). CD Projekt Red has managed to build a strong reputation during their development of The Witcher series, so expectations are high that this game can capture the essence of Cyberpunk, although details are currently lacking. I won't say that I am 'hyped' for the game, nor am I expecting a release this year, but I am waiting with anticipation for what this studio can produce, and hope that they can build a world that I want to explore and lose myself in for a while.

System Shock Remake/System Shock 3 by Nightdive Studios/OtherSide Entertainment

Although these games are coming from different studios, I've lumped them together because they are part of the same franchise. Looking Glass Technologies/Studios left a defining mark on the game industry as a whole when they introduced the world to the original System Shock, and indeed the original Thief games and previously Ultima Underworld games. I have always viewed the now defunct Looking Glass Studios as pioneers of game concept and development, and it was sad to see their demise, but at the same time it was great to see their ideas influence so many other franchises over the years, from Bioshock to Dishonored.

I hope the essence of what they accomplished can be realised anew in the remake of the original System Shock from Nightdive Studios, who are apparently collaborating with members of the original team to ensure it remains faithful to the overall premise. Gameplay footage so far is promising, and hopefully they can bring this classic to a new audience, as well as the old.

When it comes to System Shock 3, I have even higher hopes. OtherSide Entertainment does have Warren Spector and others who worked on previous System Shock and Thief games as part of the team, so it should be in safe hands. I know a lot of focus is on graphics these days, and they certainly play their part, but I hope this team can manage to not only recapture the essence of the franchise, but expand upon it in interesting ways and challenge, once more, our preconceptions of what a game is, and should be.

Underworld Ascendant also by OtherSide Entertainment

In a similar vein, I hope that the spiritual successor to the old Underworld games can offer something at once nostalgic, but also fresh and invigorating. The original Ultima Underworld: Stygian Abyss was a fairly ground-breaking game for the time, where you could look up, down and all around in a 3D environment, and included swimming after a fashion. The original games may look dated now but are still worth playing today (thanks to, but hopefully this new Underworld game can introduce a new audience to this franchise and style of gameplay.

Metro Exodus by 4A Games

For a long time I did not play the previous Metro games, partly because my PC would not run them, partly because I misconstrued them as largely horror games, which they are not. When I did finally play them, I loved the setting, the atmosphere, the characters and the gameplay. Part survival, part horror, part action, part stealth, the franchise has all the necessary ingredients to make a compelling experience, and I hope they manage to get the mix right for the upcoming Metro Exodus. The recent trailer looked interesting, and the game world seems more expansive, although I do hope they do not lose some of the claustrophobic feel of the previous outings. Being stuck in a confined space with the light dimming and monsters all around is as enthralling as it is unnerving.

Rune: Ragnarok by Humanhead Studios

The original Rune was one of my guilty pleasures. An average game, according to critics, overlooked and unplayed by many gamers, at the time of its release it was one of the few games that embraced Norse mythology - although that is now far more commonplace. I enjoyed the single player journey through that game, but also enjoyed the multiplayer duels and battles that ensued online. In fact, it was one of only a handful of games in which I decided to dive into the multiplayer aspect.

This new game, from the same studio, most likely will not have that multiplayer aspect (at least initially), but from details that have emerged they are aiming to build a more open-world RPG/Action kind of game, and I am looking forward to it. Many will inevitably draw comparisons with Skyrim, I am sure, and some gamers will be growing tired of Norse mythology by now, but I hope Humanhead can bring something fresh and new to the table.


I'll draw a line there, although there are many other games on the horizon that intrigue me. Feel free to add your own.
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