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Footage from Star Wars: Battlefront III leaked

...But it looks like it might not be the BF III we end up with.

The footage is apparently from an internal meeting in November at Free Radical Design, who are now in administration after losing the BF III contract. IGN has more in an interview with a former FRD developer.

You can watch the leaked video on

A choice quote from one ex-employee of FRD:

Originally Posted by Thomas Dudenaughty
It's dead. The stuff in the video of going from the ground to air to space to orbit is the tech that is dying with us. They've [LucasArts] decided, for whatever reason, I guess because it's less effort, to completely remove that with a cutscene transition.
And one more:

Originally Posted by Thomas Dudenaughty
LucasArts never told us when they wanted to release, literally never. We didn't do any press, they kept it totally under wraps. I think that was partly because they had The Force Unleashed, they didn't want it to be contrasting with that.
BF III had apparently been in development for well over 18 months, and was nearing completion, so one can only wonder what the reception and outcome might have been had LucasArts announced the game sooner. Now it looks like the FRD version of BF III will never see the light of day.
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TFU was a nice story but totally mediocre as a game. That footage looked good enough to earn a re-order, but I have no confidence in LEC to deliver anything but crap.
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I played TFU in the store a little while ago, and at a friend's place. It honestly feels like a prettied-up ROTS game.

And as you say, Mike, their quality has really dropped off. That is why I find I still go back to the old standby's like JO, XWA, and KOTOR for my SW fix.

As for BF, I tried them with a few friends but we found it very repetitive, especially the space missions.

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