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IRC Rules

Code of Conduct for EB's IRC channel, #echonet

This code was created in order to better the quality of conversation and discussion in the #echonet channel. The channel is there for the enjoyment of anyone and everyone and people should feel comfortable conversing with their friends and peers. In order to ensure the happiness of channel users and relative wholesomeness of #echonet, certain guidelines must be adhered to. Please live by these regulations so as to better enjoy your time here.

  1. Rule Zero

    You must at all times adhere to the GameSurge Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), since these are the terms we have agreed to follow as a bare minimum in exchange for them hosting the channel. If you don't, you have more things to worry about than just getting kicked/banned from our channel.

  2. Be Smart

    Put simply, this means follow the rules. Don't do anything that will test the rules as this is likely to get you kicked. The ops will enforce the rules rather stringently and will make no exceptions. Should you be kicked, this does not mean that you are permanently banned from the channel. The op who kicked you will provide an explanation for his/her action, usually with a suggested "cool-down" time, during which you should simmer down and be ready to enter the channel again. In other cases the ops may choose to devoice you and moderate the channel. This is essentially the same as "cool-down" time, only that you are still able to see the conversations in the channel. Repeat offences will result in kickings and quite possibly a banning. Banning means that you will not be able to rejoin the channel for a preset amount of time. Bannings in the past have not been as common as kickings and we hope that they will become even less common in the future. Should you be banned, it will be for repeated offences that resulted in kickings, or for posting/doing/saying something obscene or in bad taste, or which breaks the GameSurge AUP. Bannings will be carried out at an op's discretion. If you have a general non-EchoNetwork question, do some research for yourself. You aren't stupid, no matter how hard you may try to prove otherwise. Read the help files (F1 in mIRC), visit sites with tutorials and message boards, and search for related questions. Often your question has been answered by these sources already. We are by no means against helping you with a problem, but that is not our main purpose - use your initiative, and remember, Google is your friend. You may also find this site useful -

  3. Respect the Ops and all Users

    Ops are ops for a reason. Please do not beg, cajole, annoy, harass or otherwise bother them in any way. Should you like to speak to them about something in particular, PM them (type /msg nick message) and do not let your issue be known in the channel. If you have a problem with one particular op, let the other ops know, or better yet, take it to Wacky if he's around. You can also take it to Niner, leXX or any of the other co-owners. Keep in mind your problem, depending on severity, may become the concern of all channel ops. One more thing - do not request to be opped or voiced. Users are opped and voiced at the owner and co-owners' discretion, and people do not usually get it by asking for it. So don't bother. All channel users are expected to respect each other's ideas and thoughts even if they don't agree with them. Anytime a group of people gathers in a common meeting place differences of opinion become apparent. It's fine to agree that we don't agree. Personal or generalized attacks are not appreciated from any user.

  4. Cursing/Swearing and Related Issues

    #echonet is pretty loose when it comes to cursing. It's all pretty informal in there. We're all used to hearing the f-bomb and all the other colorful words in the obscenity repository. Indeed, you might find some of the ops screaming curses during a heated trivia round that would make even a rapper blush and pick nervously at his pantyhose. This, however, does not give you license to go off on an extended inflammatory cursing spree. It is one thing to curse as an exclamation, but it is an entirely different thing to be directing it at a particular person. This is not to say that profanity cannot be used in jest. Extended cursing that is inflammatory in nature is not allowed. Please do not do this as it is grounds for kicking and/or banning. On a related note, sexually explicit conversation is prohibited. Once again, like cursing, #echonet has been pretty lax about this. This is not going to change much, as long as you use common sense. Conversation of a sexual nature is permissible, as long as it does not cross the line into disgusting and gross proportions. This includes posting links to sexually explicit websites and/or websites designed to be disgusting, i.e., In addition, while we are tolerant of perversion/flirting/profanity, these things should not be the entire basis of your participation in the channel. You should be able to contribute to the discussion without having to resort to these things all the time.

  5. Scripts and other Potentially Annoying Things

    We all like scripts. Scripts are fun. But like many other fun things, scripts in excess are bad. Music and mp3 scripts are tolerable, as long as you make sure that they do not annoy anyone else in the channel. Large, colorful scripts are also okay, as long as they are only done once or twice. Anything beyond that becomes abusive and will result in a kick/ban. Please do not flood the channel. Flooding is when you take up most of the channel conversation with either your messages or when you are pasting something into the channel. You may paste text into the channel, provided it has relevance to a topic of discussion or is just so insanely funny or impressive that everyone must see it. (By the way, the ops will be judging how "funny" or "impressive" it is, should you pick the second option.) Do not advertise other channels - this does not mean that you can't mention ones relevant to current conversation, but trying to attract people away from #echonet will not be tolerated. Now for capitals (uppercase). You may put your text in all caps as long as it is only to emphasize something, and not to be annoying. Speaking constantly in all caps will be construed as annoying ("SHOUTING") and you will be kicked. Colors are pretty much the same deal. You can put stuff in color to emphasize a point or to make your text look pretty, but only in moderation. Should a color be too garish or hurting to the eye, you must change it if it is requested of you. Should colors become a channel-wide problem, the ops may choose to set the +c mode of the channel, which disables color codes. Please do not make it a channel-wide problem. We like colors. Colors are pretty.

  6. Behavior

    Don't be a prick. Simple as that. Do not come onto the channel and bitch and moan and whine about what a crappy day you've had and expect the rest of the channel to put up with you, especially if you say things that call attention to yourself for your gratification. The channel ops hate attention whores. This is not to say that you cannot come on and tell everyone about your day and how bad it's been. More often than not, everyone will sympathize with you and offer you comfort - but do not make the channel your personal bitching ground. Do not come onto the channel while hyper/high/jacked up and say stupid ****. This is annoying to everyone and will be ignored. Just because you are ignored does not mean you can continue. Do not excuse your poor behavior and subsequent off-color comments by saying, "Oh I just came back from school and I'm all wound up" or "I just drank a whole gallon of Mountain Dew/Red Bull/<insert stupid energy drink here>". Just because you are all high-strung does not mean you can come onto the channel and say whatever you want. Please don't repeat yourself. If your question is unanswered, there are a great many reasons (NONE of which include: the rest of the channel being jerks, incompetent or whatever you might think). If your question goes unanswered for fifteen minutes, then you can ask again.

  7. And finally...

    Have fun, and enjoy yourself!

Version 1.02 of these rules posted 2004-03-17.

Revan novel to answer all!
2011-04-26, 19:55 - by Prime

Originally Posted by Drew Karpyshyn
Q: How does it feel to finally reveal that the title of your latest Star Wars book is Revan?

A: I'd like to start by saying how gratifying it was to work on this book. Knights of the Old Republic™ (KOTOR) was my first creative foray into the Star Wars universe, so writing Revan felt a little bit like I was returning to my roots. I also know a lot of fans have been patiently waiting a long time to find out what happened to Revan after KOTOR -- it's probably the number one question I'm asked on my website. I'm glad the story is finally being told, and I'm ecstatic that I'm the one who gets to tell it.

Q: The book is months away, but can you say how much of Revan will be revealed?

A: We called the book Revan because this is his story; he is the main character, and readers are going to see much of this book through his point of view. There are other characters, of course - some old and some new - but Revan is the primary protagonist.

Q: How much of this is material that had been developed earlier for KOTOR? Was Revan fleshed out at that point, or was he always a sort of a cipher to be filled in later?

A: Anyone familiar with the KOTOR games knows that we walked a delicate line with Revan: the legend and reputation of this great Jedi-turned-Sith were well established, but players were also able to define many aspects of the character as they played.

Obviously this wouldn't have worked for a book with Revan as the main character, so I decided to focus on certain universally established elements from the KOTOR games while also reinforcing previously established canon from the greater Star Wars universe, such as Revan being male and choosing the light side/redemption ending of the game.

However, by coloring in these details I was also able to delve much deeper into the character than we did when Revan was the "blank slate" of the games. It was a difficult decision, but I feel the payoff was worth it. Fans want to know what happened to Revan after KOTOR, and now they'll finally get to see that story.

Q: What other characters from Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic II might we expect to see?

A: You can't tell a story about Revan without also exploring his companions; they were such a key element of the KOTOR experience that it wouldn't feel right without bringing some of them back. Of course it would be impossible to include all of them in a novel in a way that would make a cohesive and fulfilling story, so I focused on those who felt most directly relevant to what happened to Revan after the KOTOR games. I don't want to give too much away, but Canderous, T3-M4, the Exile and Bastila Shan all have significant roles to play in the novel (along with some significant characters who appear in Star Wars: The Old Republic).

Q: How much time do the events of Revan span? And where does it sit in relation to the other Star Wars: The Old Republic novels?

A: The story picks up right after the end of the first Knights of the Old Republic and continues through and beyond KOTOR II -- a span of roughly five years. There are allusions to the events of KOTOR II, but my focus was on the story taking place before, between and after the games -- I didn't want to rehash a story fans already knew.

Because we're set in the same time period as the KOTOR games, we're roughly 300 years earlier than the other The Old Republic novels... though the events of this book have a major impact on shaping The Old Republic universe.

Q: How has working at BioWare influenced your writing of Star Wars fiction?

A: For starters, it's easier for me to make the connections between the book and the game. Instead of trying to work from a twenty-page summary, I have the advantage of knowing the intimate details of the hundreds of hours of story we've created. I know the feel and flavor of the universe, and I know the subtle nuances in the game that I can call out, tease and play off.

Similarly, being the lead writer on KOTOR has given me a deep understanding of Revan and other KOTOR characters. I was thinking about all this years before the original KOTOR ever released, so it's fair to say I've spent more time with the canonical Revan than anyone else. I never knew for sure if we'd continue his story, but it was always in the back of mind, just waiting for the opportunity.

Q: In what ways will readers who have read Revan benefit when playing Star Wars: The Old Republic?

A: I think the novel will give them a much better understanding of the Sith Emperor and the Empire, for one thing. The Old Republic Sith Empire is very different from what people know from the movies, or even from the Great Hyperspace War comics that focus on characters like Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh.

The novel will also give them some very direct background and detailed information that ties in directly with key Flashpoints in the game. I can't say too much, of course, but like any great prequel the books will give you the details of what came before to add an extra layer of depth to the experiences in the game.

Q: Readers know you from your bestselling Darth Bane books. Might Bane fans see things they recognize from that trilogy, even though this is set much earlier than those books?

A: I didn't make a lot of direct references to Bane or his time period; after all, Revan is almost three thousand years removed. And I like to think that both Revan and Bane have stories that can stand on their own. However, I think fans will recognize the complex way I approach both the light and dark side. I would never want to meld them into a shade of gray - that isn't what Star Wars is about. But Revan walked both paths, and he came to understand there were positives and negatives to both sides of the Force. That theme ripples through the novel and the characters in the same way that I tried to have Bane's story be a reexamination of the dark side in a way that most Star Wars fans hadn't experienced before.
Darth Vader Demands You Pre-Order the Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray
2011-01-07, 02:23 - by Prime
Star Wars coming to Blu-Ray.

I guess fanboys will have to strike this item off the things-to-bitch-about list.
The Circle (of Netbook Gamer Jedi Knight Articles) is Now Complete!
2010-03-29, 16:11 - by txa1265

Over at I have a series called 'The Netbook Gamer'. Recently I stepped through the entire Kyle Katarn series on my Lenovo s10 netbook to review for the series:

Dark Forces

Jedi Knight

Mysteries of the Sith

Jedi Knight II

Jedi Academy

The articles look at the games through a historical lens, serving as content reviews, retrospectives, as well as technical reviews regarding running on a low-end netbook.

Entire Jedi Knight series coming to Steam & Direct2Drive on Sept 16th!
2009-09-13, 19:59 - by txa1265

Another week ... another amazing newsbit about LucasArts and PC gaming! This week, on Wednesday the 16th, the whole Jedi Knight series will be available on both Steam and Direct2Drive for download! It isn't clear what the pricing will be like, and neither site has a listing yet, so you'll have to check it out on Wednesday.

Here is the Twitter world from LucasArts:
KotOR now on Steam and Direct2Drive
2009-09-07, 18:35 - by txa1265

Wow, just wow ... LucasArts really seems to be waking up to the PC gaming world again! This week they have upped the ante again, releasing Knights of the Old Republic on both Steam and Direct2Drive!

Sure I know most of us already have this, but the ability to have a no-CD install and no CD required to play is quite enticing ... as is the price: $9.99!
LucasArts Back Catalog Announcement On Monday
2009-08-10, 13:37 - by Prime

"There are more games resurfacing from LucasArts' library of classics, according to the company's Twitter feed. LucasArts is teasing a back catalog announcement on Monday, likely related to another round of additions to its Steam lineup.

The additions will not, however, include X-Wing or TIE Fighter -- boo!"

I hear your boo and raise you a boo!
LucasArts games now on Steam!
2009-07-11, 14:13 - by txa1265

Anticipation of the release of the updated LucasArts classic adventure Tales of Monkey Island this week was ratcheted up by the announcement that the publisher would begin releasing classic games from their vault on the Steam download service. One thing that was unknown from the announcement was the pricing – and the absence of details left many fearing the worst … after all, LucasArts has seemed to have gone from being a core center of gaming innovation and creativity to a profit center based on licensed titles in recent years.

So now we have the details of the games and the pricing. For the most part the pricing is extremely budget-friendly! This is especially so on the classic adventures which are all $4.99. Apparently LucasArts is adopting a simple $5 – $10 – $20 pricing model, which is similar to the $5 – $10 used on GoodOldGames but otherwise uncommon.

I would also say that the pricing on games such as the under-appreciated Armed & Dangerous and Star Wars Republic Commando is just right, as is the recent release LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. I would say that Star Wars Battlefront II is possibly overpriced, but looking online there is more demand than supply so this will likely sell well at $20. The one clunker is Thrillville: Off the Rails, the average theme park builder sim that should have been priced at $9.99 if they hoped to sell more than a couple of dozen copies.

Adventure Game Classics:
- The Dig – $4.99
- Loom – $4.99
- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – $4.99
- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – $4.99

Star Wars Games:
- Star Wars Starfighter – $4.99
- Star Wars Battlefront II – $19.99
- Star Wars Republic Commando – $9.99

Other Games:
- LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – $19.99
- Armed and Dangerous – $9.99
- Thrillville: Off the Rails – $19.99

So what do you think?
‘Star Wars’ Live-Action TV Series Casting Underway
2009-03-10, 13:52 - by Prime

"According to Lucas, the show will focus on minor characters from the saga and be set in the time period between “Revenge of the Sith” (Episode III) and the original “Star Wars” (Episode IV). The action will follow the Rebel Alliance as it slowly gains strength against the Empire. There will be Stormtroopers, but no Jedi or Darth Vader will appear on screen."
Footage from Star Wars: Battlefront III leaked
2009-01-18, 16:05 - by Wacky
...But it looks like it might not be the BF III we end up with.

The footage is apparently from an internal meeting in November at Free Radical Design, who are now in administration after losing the BF III contract. IGN has more in an interview with a former FRD developer.

You can watch the leaked video on

A choice quote from one ex-employee of FRD:

Originally Posted by Thomas Dudenaughty
It's dead. The stuff in the video of going from the ground to air to space to orbit is the tech that is dying with us. They've [LucasArts] decided, for whatever reason, I guess because it's less effort, to completely remove that with a cutscene transition.
And one more:

Originally Posted by Thomas Dudenaughty
LucasArts never told us when they wanted to release, literally never. We didn't do any press, they kept it totally under wraps. I think that was partly because they had The Force Unleashed, they didn't want it to be contrasting with that.
BF III had apparently been in development for well over 18 months, and was nearing completion, so one can only wonder what the reception and outcome might have been had LucasArts announced the game sooner. Now it looks like the FRD version of BF III will never see the light of day.
Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Announced
2008-10-22, 13:15 - by Prime
After much speculation and verbally violent discussion the announcement has been made that Bioware and Lucasarts are developing an MMO called Star Wars: The Old Republic.

You can check out the announcement video at
Here is the official blurb in the setting:

The true Sith have spent centuries building their strength in the depths of unknown space. The Sith Emperor patiently planned for the day when his Sith Empire would repay the Jedi for the humiliating defeats of the past. In that time, generations of Sith have come and gone, working hard and devoting their lives to the dream of vengeance.

With dark discipline and meticulous execution, the Sith's first assault on their enemies succeeded to near-perfection. They sliced through the Jedi and their defenses as if they weren't even there. Though their aggressive advances were eventually slowed, the Sacking of Coruscant settled any questions about whether the Sith were victorious.

In the years since the treaty, the twelve-member Sith Dark Council has overseen the consolidation of the Empire's new domains and the restructuring to put practical matters in the hands of the Imperial military so the Sith Lords can plan for the future. The Sith Lords' focus has now turned to recruiting and training new acolytes to increase the Empire's power. When the final battle with the Jedi comes, the Sith Lords plan to be prepared. There will be no mercy.

In the vaulted halls of the Sith Academy on Korriban and in the deep tombs of the great Dark Lords of the past, potential Sith must face arduous tests to prove their worthiness. Even if they survive this deadly training, though, their greatest challenge lies in the cruel competition of their fellow acolytes, as each vies for the favor of their Masters. Ultimately, only the strongest will become Sith; the others will simply die trying.
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