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The Rebel Alliance vs. The Zann Consortium

So yeah, I played the demo in which you take control of the Zann Consortium for a few battles - very much like the demo for the original game and similarish length.

What I think is interesting, is that the game has had political depth added to it by letting the Consortium corrupt planets, allowing them to see the layout of the base, siphoning credits. Also, the Consortium can bribe the Rebels or the Empire in order to move past a planet without interference. Other corruption methods are available. I think it's even possible to capture prisoners (which the Empire may be able to enslave, judging from videos from the official web page).

In space battles, the Consortium units can hide indefinitely in asteroid fields without getting damaged.

And really, I must say that the Rebel Alliance should be able to do most of these things, whether criminal or not. They are rebels after all, and in my opinion, these options could allow them the upper hand of battles by means of methods and strategy instead of raw power (which is (mostly) the way of the Empire). Some of the corruption methods only need to be slanted towards good in order to resemble those used by the Alliance in the movies and the Expanded Universe.

It's always been my opinion, and it still is, that the Rebel Alliance is misrepresented as a power that can stand up against the Empire in Empire at War.

Furthermore, the game does not fix existing problems that I have with the game. For instance, the space battle areas are as small, which means that the defending power can still only muster ten units and the space station, against whatever force the attacker may have in the outskirts of the systems, ready to pounce from hyperspace. The attacker has a similar (though smaller) problem, since they can also only fit ten units in the battle at any time, and they can't even send out units when they don't need them anymore.

As an example of this, I've had 10 Victory Star Destroyers, 30-odd Aclamators, Tartans, and oodles of other annoying ships attack my ten-unit force and level four space station (reinforcements all the time, baby!). I prevailed because the attacker couldn't fit in all of his forces; he destroyed my "fleet", but I could fend off his ten-unit attacks with the space station and reinforcements... Is that wonky? I think so!

Why not make the space areas bigger (as in maybe the entire star system) and include the possibility of making micro jumps away from gravity wells? Huge amounts of possibilities for much greater strategical advantages. The planets could even move according to time, letting the player decide when they would get the greatest advantage... I thought the game was capable of scaling details on ships as you zoom away, so I can't see what the problem could be.

Anyway, this is all I have to say at the moment. Discuss, and I might join you later on.
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