Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Capture The Flag Strategy Guide

(A basic guide for newbies)


By Bilbo Skywalker



Websites with permission to publish this file as of 2004-01-11:



Hi, my nameís Bilbo, and I played a lot of CTF in Jedi Outcast.


Firstly you must remember that in Capture The Flag (CTF), there are only 2 goals: steal your enemiesí flag, and stop them stealing yours Ė thereís no point in coming to a CTF server for saber duels, or to rack up individual points Ė itís a team game, and you must play as part of the team.


On public servers itís a good idea to choose from one of two basic positions: Attacker (flag capturer AKA carrier AKA capper) or Defender, it's no use running around at random looking for enemy players to kill; you either go to their base, or protect yours.


To score a point for the team someone must go to the enemy base, grab their flag (make contact with it, it will stick to their body), and make it back to home base and touch your own flag while still in possession of the enemy flag.Simple.


Sections covered:


                    The 'Base' Folder

                    The Command Console

                    Coloured names

                    Setting up Force powers

                    Self Killing



                    Wanna Go Faster?



                    Other positions

                    Team Messages

                    Recording Demos

                    Taking Screenshots

                    The Autoexec file

                    Finding Servers



The 'Base' Folder



This Folder contains all your essential files and configurations for playing JA.Any skins, models, custom configs, maps etc that you create or download must be placed in here to function.The default path to this folder is:


My Computer > C: Drive > Program Files > LucasArts > Jedi Academy > Gamedata > Base


Some of you may have slightly different file paths, however the base folder will always be located in the Gamedata folder, which is inside your Jedi Academy folder.



The Command Console

Shift and ~


The command console (AKA the console), allows you to do stuff in-game like alter settings, change your name and view the backlog of any text that has appeared on screen, so you don't miss any important messages.To activate the console press SHIFT and the tilde key, the key to the left of the ď1Ē key with this symbol on it:~(some keyboards have these symbols instead: ¨ ` )


So thatís SHIFT and ~.This opens the console up, same key combo to close it.A few helpful commands for you to type in the console:


cg_drawtimer 1††


This puts a clock up in the top right corner, so you know how long you have left in the match.


cg_drawfps 1


This shows your Frames Per Second in the top right, so you can monitor this if you wish.


cg_drawteamoverlay 1


This displays a list of your fellow team members, again in the top right, along with the weapon they have equipped, their health and their shields.This is very handy for monitoring the status of your capper, if you see his health going down you know he is under attack, and will need to go help him.


If you need to turn any of these off, just type:


cg_drawtimer 0

cg_drawfps 0

cg_drawteamoverlay 0



Coloured Names



In order to get a coloured name, at the name option you must input the ^ symbol (SHIFT and 6) along with a number before each letter you wish to change the colour of.


^1 = red
^2 = green
^3 = yellow
^4 = blue
^5 = aqua
^6 = purple
^7 = white

So for example to name yourself




You would type




Simple as that.You can change your name mid-game in the console by typing (for example):


set name RedDragon


You can also bind different names to different keys if you want. example:


bind 1 set name RedDragon

bind 2 set name ^1Red^4Dragon


Now you can switch between names at the press of a button.




Setting up your force powers



To find the best force power configuration for you, I recommend trying out each one from both light side and dark side find what you are comfortable with.Each force power can be used effectively with practise, and you will soon find out which ones work best for certain maps or positions.Bear in mind you will probably need all of the neutral force powers (speed, jump, push, pull) maxed out, with the exception of force sense as some of you may not find this a necessity.


Speed is the most useful of all the powers, as a capper you can get in and out of enemy base a lot quicker with it, and trust me if you are playing against a team with any level of skilled player in it you will have approximately 0% chance of capturing the flag (capping) without it.

As a defender it allows you to chase enemy cappers and get back into position near the flag before any more enemies get a free run at the flag.


Jump is also a must have, for obvious reasons, it allows you to reach higher levels of the maps in shorter times, and a jumping target is harder to hit. Also combine speed with jump to clear some massive distances and make quick escapes.


Push is a handy force power, it can be used to push enemy fire back at them (try to time it so you push just as they fire for maximum damage).You can push enemies mid air to halt their jump momentum (and maybe make them fall into a pit) or off ledges or just throw them off course if they are in pursuit of you or your capper.


Pull can be used for a number of purposes too.You can use it to pull an enemies weapon from them (depending on their force setup, how close you are to them or if they are using Absorb). You can use it to thwart them in mid-air if they are making a jump over a ledge, it will cause them to fall into the pit below (very annoying).Also if you see an enemy chasing down your capper, you can pull them to slow them down and increase your capper's lead.Do not overuse pull on someone with Absorb activated, as this will do little other than fill their force back up for them.


Sense can be used for a number of reasons, it counters mind trick, so use it to see any invisible enemies.As a defender it's handy as some cappers use mind trick to sneak in and make a clean break with the flag, so having sense activated will allow you to see them coming.Even if they do not have mind trick you can still use sense to see them coming early.Very useful for maps with multiple entrance points. (ie Hoth.)As an attacker you should beware of enemies coming to recover their flag.Some of them will use mind trick so they can get a surprise attack on you.Consider using sense to counter this.


Worthy of special mention are Team-Heal (light-side) and Team-Energise (dark-side).Depending on whether you are light side or dark side you should always have one of these in your force setup.Team-heal replenishes the health of team-mates around you for a portion of your force, and team-energise replenishes force. These are essential for keeping your capper alive - If he runs out of health he dies, if he runs out of force he can't escape the enemy very easily.



The Self-Kill Command

Death to us all.


For those of you who do not know it is possible to 'commit suicide' in the game.Although looked upon as cheating or 'lame' by some, there is no denying that in competitive CTF, it is tactically sound to use it.Basically what it does is respawn you at one of the respawn points in your base (duh).


Why use it? Well if you are low on health, ammo or force, you will respawn full on health and force, and can go restock your ammo again.This is ideal if you are trying to catch an enemy capper; why try to catch him hobbling along with no force, when you can respawn and speed off after him again?Or if you are trying to defend your capper in base but are out of force, again, you can respawn and help him out.


Falling off a ledge?Why waste all those valuable seconds before you hit the bottom when you can self-kill, respawn and get back in the action.Remember the blink of an eye can be the difference between capping or not.


To self kill you should bind the command to a key so you donít need to keep typing it in.To bind it, open the console and type 'bind k kill'or any key if you have 'k' assigned to something else.Now whenever you want to respawn just press 'k' or your selected key.



The Lightsaber

Put it away and get a gun.


I know many of you are big fans of the lightsaber, but trust me when I say all it is really good for in guns CTF is as a shield.Trying to take on anyone toting a rocket launcher with a lightsaber is not going to work.Even trying to catch up with someone to get close enough to use it will be extremely tough.


(Need proof? go to: this was a 1 v 1 saberist V gunner battle from JK2 where the saberist got beaten fairly easily.)


As a minimum have the lightsaber defense maxed out, as this blocks nearly all primary fire and some secondary fire.As a flag runner this will be a great help to you to block incoming fire, and help you on your way. In defense use it to stop people picking you off early with a snipe. There really is no need to have anything more than the lowest level of lightsaber offense, when you can use the points to better use with a helpful force power, saying that look at your force setup, if you can spare the points, then bump up your saber offense if you wish, saber throw is really pretty pointless though.All the lightsabers have the same level of protection against incoming shots, so it doesn't really matter which one you use.


Using Guns Effectively

Bang bang bang.


Ok, so you can move, you can use the force, you can self-kill, but you cant shoot for shit... what to do...?


Try to pick up the real heavy fire weapons first i.e. Rocket Launcher, Golan Flechette, Imperial Repeater and Concussion Rifle, these dish out the most damage and can penetrate saber defense.You also get splash damage from the secondary fire on these.Of course all the other guns can be effective too especially the secondary charged shot of the blaster, two hits from this can take an enemy down, it is also a fast and accurate shot.


If you are defending a good tactic to use is to grab a gun, use up most of the ammo, kill the enemy, then self-kill; the gun you were using will now be a full clip of collectable ammo.So you can go collect the gun from its spawn point, then top up your ammo with the one you dropped when you died.Good for a two-man defense, you can keep each others ammo up as well.


As an attacker, you should consider taking some decent guns with you too, for obvious reasons, to take out the defense before you grab the flag, or if they are in pursuit of you take Ďem out so you can bomb back home.


If you are finding it hard to improve your aim, stick with the guns that have splash damage, that is guns that have a large radius of explosive damage i.e. Rockets or Repeater, so you don't have to be exceptionally precise with your aim but can still deal out damage.†† The best thing to do is really spend some time learning each weapons attributes: speed of projectile, damage it inflicts, firing arc, distance, accuracy of aim, stuff like that, you will soon get to know what weapon is best for certain situations.


Note that some guns penetrate shields and hit the health hard, you'll need to find these out yourself ;) but can be very useful for killing enemies quicker.


If you are chasing down an enemy watch their speed and movement and try to judge where they are going to be and shoot slightly ahead of them so they run into your shot.



Wanna Go Faster?


Ever feel like you just can't keep up with some guys?They just seem to fly past you?You need to learn to 'strafe jump'.How to do this?Difficult to explain...Ok firstly find a straight stretch of map (the overpass on Yavin Hilltops maybe), start running and hit force-speed, now as you are running tap jump (make sure you use no force, just tap it) keep tapping it, so that each time you land you tap it again to create a constant 'bounce'.Now start turning your mouse in a sort of semi circle in front of you, arcing from left to center, center to right and back again, with a slight pause at the middle (the pause should be as you jump, its just split second) the pause is to allow you to build up a rhythm.Donít just swing your mouse left-right-left like crazy, you need to do it in time with your jumps, as they speed up, you will be able to move the mouse faster.On each jump you should press one of the strafing keys (A or D by default).Sometimes you will alternate A, D, A, D etc, sometimes youíll stay on one key.It just depends on how you are moving and if there is an incline or slope etc.Practise jumping while tapping the strafe keys, this is the hardest part to learn.If you need more help with this email me and let me know.



The Attacker

AKA flagger / capper / flag runner.


So you want the glory eh?Well it wonít be easy.


Your Job is to go to the enemy base, grab their flag and make it home again, oh and try not to get killed in the process.


First off, the more health and shields you have, the harder you will be to kill, so on your way to attack pick up any extra shields you can, this makes your job easier, and the bad guys' harder.You also will want to find the most effective route from base to base: quick and easy with pickups on the way.Try to make as many attack attempts as possible, and as quickly as possible, if you fail one time, get back and try again before the enemy regroups his defenses.


Take in a gun if you can, obviously if you can kill any of the enemies defenses then it will be easier to make a run for the flag, some find it easier to run in-and-out again as fast as possible (stealth cappers lol) avoiding the defense with quick moves and jumps.Find what works for you, some times you will need to stop and fight back, sometimes a quick run will be needed.†† Keep changing your attack route, speed and style, otherwise the enemy will become wise to you pretty quick.


Drop det packs and mines behind you on the way back to destroy or delay enemy chasers.


Try to conserve as much force as you can before you get into enemy territory, thereís no point in using it all up, then trying to cap with no force to make a getaway, at least make sure you have enough to activate speed just before, or just as you actually grab the flag, you'll need to run like the wind to escape.


You should try to pick up the 'Force Boon' - this item replenishes your force at about 8 times the speed of normal, very useful for escaping, pick this up if you can.


Learn the routes, learn how to switch between them quickly and efficiently, using roll, speed, jump, wall walks and strafe-jumping to your advantage, anything to throw the other team off track.Hopefully with your team behind you (cover fire, team-energise / team-heal) you will make it back in one piece to make the cap. Try to pick up health / shields on the way back too.


You may arrive at enemy base to find it empty if their flag has been taken by a team-mate and they are off trying to recover it.In this situation use the time to recharge your force pool, stock up on health / armour and weapons, and also keep an eye out for the enemy capper, try to kill him and return your flag if he does come into base.If the other team returns their flag you should have a free run at it since the enemy will be in the process of covering their capper or self-killing to return to base, so be quick and grab the flag while you can!


What to do if your flag has been stolen?In the meantime you will have to hold off the enemy as your team try to return the flag.Homebase is often (but not always) the best place to stay.In your base you will have supplies of ammo, health and shields, plus you will be closer to the flag so you can make the cap as soon as your flag is returned.Again the rest of your team should provide some support for you in base but if things are getting too much, consider making a quick run around the base, or just outside it (not too far away, just enough to lose the enemy or give your team mates time to kill them), remember homebase is the first place the enemy will come looking for you.


Brief note:As an attacker you will need to be able to strafe-jump.Against any skilled player strafe-jumping will be an absolute necessity to escape, if you can't do it, you'll be mincemeat, so you better learn.



The Defender

Flag protect0r.



Your role is stop the enemy capper from grabbing the flag, and if he does manage to, then you have to stop him getting back to his base.


Basics?Well get heavy guns, get as many guns and ammo as you can before the enemy approach.Stand near the flag, or on it if you like.Don't waste force, you will probably need to give chase at some point so leave enough for speed.


Collect any explosives nearby and set them near the flag or on it, be ready to detonate them as soon as the enemy capper gets in range.


Don't let them wander about your base collecting health or regenerating force, whatever, if they're in your base, you need to put pressure on, try not to leave sight of the flag if you are on your own, remember that it wont always be one attacker at a time and they may try a quick cap run, you need to keep your eyes peeled.


If an enemy flagger gets away you will have to chase him down, if you are out of force get off one last shot and self-kill, then go go go!Obviously following the path he escaped is a good idea, but if you know the map well enough try to judge where he will be or think of a shortcut / alternate route and try to head him off.Also try to pick up a decent gun while you are on route to intercept, however if he has made a substantial lead you may have to forfeit the gun in favour of catching up and trying to kill him by other methods (saber / pull off ledge / use weaker gun).


Last chance to stop the cap...Grab the flag yourself! this may be your last option, out of guns, little force, none of your teams cappers to be seen - you'll have to get it!You then have to switch gear and take on the role of the capper, and hope that your team-mates will help you out.At very least try to hold the flag until you or one of your team kills the enemy carrier, then you can consider self-killing and returning to flag defense if you think you will be killed anyway. (or you can make an attempt to get home and let someone else take over flag defense for a minute).


Again I will reiterate Strafe-Jumping, you will need to learn to do this in order to catch up with enemy flag runners,Otherwise you can chew on their dust as they disappear into the distance.



Other Positions


Ok so Attacking and Defending are pretty basic positions, once you become competent at these consider taking on the role of "Perimeter Defense" (Perim D) or "Midfield" (Mid).You may find yourself switching between or covering both, depending on how many people are in your team.


Perimeter Defense


Your role will be mainly to take the pressure off of the flag defense by taking out any incoming attackers before they reach the flag base.Your position should be somewhere on the outskirts of your hombase, somewhere that gives a good view of all incoming routes, so you can pick off as many enemies as possible.Pick up some decent firepower, you'll want to hit the enemy hard.You should try to hit enemies at least once before they reach the flag defender, this will make things a lot easier for him as he won't have to do so much of the work.Obviously though you will be aiming to completely destroy the enemy, but if not do as much damage as possible.Don't let enemy cappers have a free run at your flag, chase after them, do as much damage as possible, then self-kill and return to position.If possible when self killing try to do so near your flag d, so he can have your ammo.Don't let the enemy 'camp' in your base either, go to him, put on pressure so your flag d can stay in position.You should also be keeping an eye out for your own flagger, giving him cover and team force.




As midfield your main jobs are to provide support for your flagger on his way in and out of enemy base and to take out any enemies before they reach your base.Equip yourself with some firepower and team forces, these will be essential as a lot of the time mid will be the place where your capper runs out of force and gets caught out.Team energise will allow him to make the last run home with the most ease.Try to kill incoming enemies early to take pressure off of defense.You must be ready to move fast to cover your flagger, and take out enemy chasers.Use pull or push to slow them down or cause them to fall into a ditch.Try to pick up any health or shield packs too, so the enemy can't take them and use them.Be prepared to move into a more forward position too, maybe try to snipe enemy defense, or cause enough distraction to allow your capper an easier time.



Team Messages




Ok, sometimes it is helpful to inform your team-mates of certain information, ie: the location of your flagger, any incoming enemies or which way the enemy capper escaped.Now instead of stopping and typing "The bad guy escaped the left way!!!!11", by which time he's already halfway home or in a completely different area, you can bind a key to say any message you want.I find that binding your messages to the numerical keypad is effective.(Thanks to DeTRiTiC-iQ for this idea.)You will again need to go into the command console to do this.


The keypad numbers are represented by these codes:







KP_HOME( 7 )


KP_PGUP( 9 )




KP_END( 1 )


KP_PGDN( 3 )

KP_INS( 0 )



you can also use the number keys along the top of the keyboard if you prefer


0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.


you can bind any of these to say any message.


Now obviously you don't want to share your team messages with the other side, so the command for a team only message is




So in order to bind your message type this into the console:


bind * "say_team friendly flag carrier needs help at home base!"


replace * with whichever key you want.You can enter any message you choose, you may want to make certain messages depending on what position you will play, here are some suggestions:


Attacker / Flag Carrier:


I need urgent healing!

I need an urgent force boost!

I am now in home base with the flag

I am in the LEFT route

I am in the RIGHT route

I am in MID need support now!

I need cover in home base immediately!




Incoming enemy LEFT route!

Incoming enemy RIGHT route!

The enemy flagger escaped through the LEFT route!

The enemy flagger escaped through the RIGHT route!

The enemy flag carrier is in MID!

Base overrun - Help Needed!



Obviously you can input any message you want, and can make them map specific, so any maps that have upper routes, or special mid areas you can make messages regarding those if you wish.You can also put the colour codes mentioned earlier in there for effect, same way as before; ^ then the number for the colour you want.



Recording Demos

Makin' movies


If you want to record yourself in-game the easiest way to do so is to copy and paste the following script into a text file, and rename it:




then put it in your 'base' folder.(To activate the demo script type in the console:


exec recordingdemos.cfg


Now all you need to do is press f11 to start recording and then f12 whenever you want to stop.You can change the start / stop keys to whatever spare keys you want if you prefer by editing the script in notepad.


By activating the demo program you will automatically create a folder in your 'base' folder called 'demos', this is where they will be stored. (indeed)


To watch your demos just go into multiplayer > play > play demo, then choose the demo you want.


You can rename the demos in the demos folder so you know which is which, rather than demo1, demo2 etc.


Here is the script:



// JA Bindings

bind f11 vstr startswitch

bind f12 vstr stopswitch


set startswitch "g_synchronousClients 1;vstr rec_demo;g_synchronousClients 0"

set stopswitch "stoprecord; vstr nxt_demo; echo Recording Stopped.; echo Current Queue; rec_demo"


// Cycles 1-20

set demo_01 "set rec_demo record demo01; set prv_demo vstr demo_20; set nxt_demo vstr demo_02"

set demo_02 "set rec_demo record demo02; set prv_demo vstr demo_01; set nxt_demo vstr demo_03"

set demo_03 "set rec_demo record demo03; set prv_demo vstr demo_02; set nxt_demo vstr demo_04"

set demo_04 "set rec_demo record demo04; set prv_demo vstr demo_03; set nxt_demo vstr demo_05"

set demo_05 "set rec_demo record demo05; set prv_demo vstr demo_04; set nxt_demo vstr demo_06"

set demo_06 "set rec_demo record demo06; set prv_demo vstr demo_05; set nxt_demo vstr demo_07"

set demo_07 "set rec_demo record demo07; set prv_demo vstr demo_06; set nxt_demo vstr demo_08"

set demo_08 "set rec_demo record demo08; set prv_demo vstr demo_07; set nxt_demo vstr demo_09"

set demo_09 "set rec_demo record demo09; set prv_demo vstr demo_08; set nxt_demo vstr demo_10"

set demo_10 "set rec_demo record demo10; set prv_demo vstr demo_09; set nxt_demo vstr demo_11"

set demo_11 "set rec_demo record demo11; set prv_demo vstr demo_10; set nxt_demo vstr demo_12"

set demo_12 "set rec_demo record demo12; set prv_demo vstr demo_11; set nxt_demo vstr demo_13"

set demo_13 "set rec_demo record demo13; set prv_demo vstr demo_12; set nxt_demo vstr demo_14"

set demo_14 "set rec_demo record demo14; set prv_demo vstr demo_13; set nxt_demo vstr demo_15"

set demo_15 "set rec_demo record demo15; set prv_demo vstr demo_14; set nxt_demo vstr demo_16"

set demo_16 "set rec_demo record demo16; set prv_demo vstr demo_15; set nxt_demo vstr demo_17"

set demo_17 "set rec_demo record demo17; set prv_demo vstr demo_16; set nxt_demo vstr demo_18"

set demo_18 "set rec_demo record demo18; set prv_demo vstr demo_17; set nxt_demo vstr demo_19"

set demo_19 "set rec_demo record demo19; set prv_demo vstr demo_18; set nxt_demo vstr demo_20"

set demo_20 "set rec_demo record demo20; set prv_demo vstr demo_19; set nxt_demo vstr demo_01"


// set Assignments

set rec_demo record demo01

set prv_demo vstr demo_20

set nxt_demo vstr demo_02



// Sprayed bug free by TF_BioHazard

// May the Force be with you!




One note, after you have finished playing, I suggest renaming the demo straight away, since if you disconnect from a server, then go back in to record again, it will record Demo1 again, over the top of your last one.



Taking Screenshots

Kodak Gold



The easiest way to take a picture from your point of view (pov) is to again, bind a key to do it. So pick any spare key (doesn't have to be n) and in the console type:


bind n screenshot


this will take 1 shot, with the screenshot number stamped onto it, if you don't want the number on it you can use this instead:


bind n screenshot silent


All your screenshots will be saved in a new folder 'screenshots' in the 'base' folder.



The Autoexec File.


Inside your Base Folder there may be a file called the autoexec.cfg, if not create a file using notepad and name it




This means automatic execution, basically every time you start up the game everything in that file gets activated.This file has to be located in the 'Base' Folder.If you want to make sure that every time you play you have your recording demos script, and your other 'cg' commands (mentioned earlier) active, you can put these commands into your autoexec file, again using notepad.

(This is not entirely necessary, but it just ensures all your configs activate on every server.)


Inside the file you can add all the commands I've talked about so far so, inside type:


bind 1 set name killer ††(example name only)

bind 2 set name ^1Red^4Dragon†† (example name only)

cg_drawtimer 1

cg_drawfps 1

cg_drawteamoverlay 1

bind k kill

exec recordingdemos.cfg


and if you want to use team messages you can also put these in (these are the defensive messages, change them to the attacker ones if you are planning on attacking).



bind * "say_team Incoming enemy LEFT route!"

bind * "say_team Incoming enemy RIGHT route!"

bind * "say_team The enemy flagger escaped through the LEFT route!"

bind * "say_team The enemy flagger escaped through the RIGHT route!2

bind * "say_team The enemy flag carrier is in MID!"

bind * "say_team Base overrun - Help Needed!"


Replace the * with any of the keys previously mentioned.


Please note that if you have a key bound to a certain message or command, and you want to change it, yo uwill first have to delete the line from your autoexec.cfg.



Finding Servers


Ok so you can use the in-game browser, but I and many others don't find this very user friendly or efficient.Here are some free programmes you can use which are a lot more accurate and easy to use:


The All-Seeing Eye-


GameSpy -


Q-Tracker -


alternate Game Server Monitor (aGSM) -




This guide was written by Bilbo Skywalker, please don't leech from it, if you want to use it, contact me and let me know.Likewise if you have any comments or questions get in touch.


Or sign up and PM me at: